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Jade ring

Jasper diamond ring


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Jade ring∣Jasper diamond ring

Name: Jasper gold diamond set

Material: Jasper, gold, diamonds

Size: 11.7mm-15mm

One piece at a time, free of postage


WeChat payment, e-bank payment

Suitable place:

personal wear, gifts

Product features:
Exquisite hetian jasper, 18K gold inlaid, South African diamond inlaid
Purchase instructions:

      The process of purchasing products: after seeing the payment through WeChat, Alipay payment and online banking payment, two days after receipt of the payment, the overseas countries post the mail.

Product cost: $850 or £850
Scan the following Wechat Consulting Purchase


Jade ring∣Jasper diamond ring-Product introduction

          This jasper gold diamond setting ring is made of Chinese national jade and tian jasper gold diamond setting. It is delicate, beautiful and high-end to wear on the finger, which can enhance personal charm. This jasper gold diamond setting ring can be bought for only 850 dollars. We can also help you customize the jade ring and jade products according to your needs。

Jade ring-Jasper diamond ring-Product picture display

Jade Mink

Jade Mink

Jade Mink


Jade Mink

Jade Mink

Jade Mink


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