specializes in providing pop up gazebo products,Pop up gazebo products are exported to all over the world, to high-quality products and good service to win the market.

pop up gazebo

2mx3m 3mx3m 3mx4.5m


420D 600D Oxford

(blue, red, green, white, black)


high quality steel pipe frame
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pop up gazebo purpose

 1, to provide a display of props for the promotion of products;

2, to promote the building of a promotion of environmental products;

3, for the promotion of products with a propaganda window;

4, the product is widely used in a variety of ways and occasions;

Matters needing attention

1, handling pop up gazebo to gently, don't throw off;

2, open the package do not blindly with knife, easy to cause the cut pop up gazebo;

3, the workpiece to erect emissions, to prevent the fabric roof accident crushed the tear;

4, use the pop up gazebo should check the cross tube parts of the screw is intact;

5, found that advertising tent frame bent or variant,, troubleshooting rear can continue to operate。

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        Beautiful, generous, material frame for high-quality steel, surface after high-temperature paint treatment, corrosion resistance.
          Peng is imported PVC rubber waterproof coating, waterproof, anti ageing and imported double needle sewing bag bone authentic super thick Oxford cloth, durable.
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pop up gazebo
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Pop up gazebo products are exported to all over the world
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Pop up gazebo
Pop up gazebo


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