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         Solar flashlight, USES the high power ultra bright Bai Tianlan concentrated patches, there is micro circuit control, stable discharge using lighting brightness, more stable and longer effective at ranges of 100 meters, visible light can reach 1 km, monocrystalline silicon solar panels, efficient anodized aluminum alloy of hardness as enclosure, very durable, rubber button switch, comfortable feel.

       Suitable for family or outdoor lighting, hunters, hikers and campers, military, security guards, prospecting and work in the emergency traffic

       Solar flashlight works: first, collecting light, converts light energy into electrical energy. And the ballast is shift, drive LED.
        led flashlight-Please enter the need to be translated text

        Solar flashlight product features

       Color, smoothness, silicon delicate degree. Good flashlight plating color uniform, smooth and bright appearance, silicon plate welding point precise and neat. A good flashlight switch, flexible and firm, the intensity of light is also very good, the light source is wide and range far, light for at least 5 hours. Good flashlight will be very heavy, feel very comfortable, this is the shell thickness of aluminum material. ?


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