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        The independent art form, now has formed fiber crafts series, is not the traditional sense of the optical fiber decoration. More is the same flood lighting, used in decoration engineering greatly small, the processing of plastic optical fiber optical fiber ceiling lights string effect, with dozens, hundreds or even more fiber arranged vertically, hanging naturally, composed of fine cloth. Fiber curtain color, crystal bright, convenient installation, is a kind of novel optical fiber decorative items. This article introduces fiber optic star ceiling products, specific, application etc..


fiber optic star ceiling Effect of product characteristics:
1, the glittering and translucent, treated like a string of small bulb highlights
2, by adjusting the light source can be alternated different color formation
3, the fluorine plastic layer, soft and tough, not easy to bend, high strength
4, regardless of length or width can be processed according to the need
5, can be placed in the pool, waterfall, water curtain spray more glittering and colorful, light and shadow
6, the ground, walls, ceiling, outdoor display walls, eaves of the roof, the trees flower beds.


fiber optic star ceiling Product application
    Optical fiber, optical fiber, optical fiber ceiling chandelier sky, large optical display, optical fiber decoration also used in the square and the indoor pool and fountain in the optical fiber and optical fiber, curtain waterfall effect has been widely used, its waterproof fully play.

fiber optic star ceiling




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