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         Fiber optic lighting lighting market one of the bright younger generation. Due to some unique physical properties of fiber has its own, fiber optic lighting is widely used, the working principle is through the light guide device filter special harmful radiation from the natural light evenly into the interior, replaced by electric lighting during the day, really achieve non electric lighting. The system has the characteristics of saving electricity during the day, beneficial to human health, reduce cooling costs, full spectrum lighting top cover, self-cleaning, waterproofing, easy installation, no maintenance, long service life of the system, insulation, beautiful appearance and so on, can be achieved without electric lighting effect, meet the request of people for health, environmental protection.


fiber optic lighting Product features:

        Small, light weight, easy replacement and installation, it can be made into a very small size;

Fiber optic lighting using optical fiber to optical transmission, has the characteristics of easily changing the irradiation direction, also help designers to special design requirements;

Plastic optical fiber material is soft and easy to fold and is not fragile, so it can be easily processed into a variety of different patterns;


The product application scope

       All products are widely used in the meeting room, gymnasium, school, hospital, sanatorium, underground space center, shopping malls supermarkets, exhibition hall, zoo, aquarium, office space, prison, logistics center, ports, airports, train stations, subway, light rail, the movable house, hotel, residential, villas, senior Hall.


fiber optic lighting




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