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   Display cabinet is used to display goods container. Colors: gold, silver, matte black, pink, gray and other colors. Display cabinet beautiful appearance, firm structure, easy assembly and disassembly, convenient transportation, is widely used in the company's exhibition hall, exhibition, shopping malls, such as advertising, widely used in crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phone, glasses, watches, tobacco, cosmetics etc..

    Display cabinet is a commercial commodity in the performance of the main carriers, but also constitutes the main framework for commercial space vision. Different products have different forms and functions of the display cabinets. Store the design and production of display cabinets, cabinet will directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of the enterprise. In recent years, display cabinets in the design, production has made significant development and progress, it is mainly the market competition tends to be more mature, enterprises pay more attention to shaping the brand image of the results. But, showcase props design and production in department stores or shopping center, with international standards is many. The main reason is the lack of display cabinet design requirements of the overall planning and design and proposed the specialized standard.

    Display cabinets, stainless steel frame, optional color matte gold, snow white, black, white, gray and other colors, magenta, can also be based on color sample requirements of customers customized. Ordinary gold or metallic sense objects with matte black more, leather, tobacco, porcelain, arts and crafts, with a golden frame with black plate more. The choice of the color of the common root customer requirements of the mountains of goods. The other, light source display cabinet temperature common in 2700k - 6400k between, color temperature low, light yellow or red, high color temperature, light white glare. Ordinary jewelry, jewelry demand, high color temperature light, while the ordinary arts and crafts (leather) department stores such as requested color temperature low.

    We often to showcase for cleaning and maintenance, keep them bright. However, you may not know, some errors in the cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily to showcase clean, but actually to showcase creates the potential for harm, your showcase will appear unable to compensate for the problem, but run counter to one's desire


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