The three element catalytic introduction

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     The three element catalytic refers to the automobile exhaust CO, HC and NOx and other harmful gases reduction transformation catalyzed into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen by oxidation and. The carrier member three way catalytic converter is a porous ceramic material, arranged in a special exhaust pipe. It is the carrier, because it is itself does not take part in the catalytic reaction, but covered with a layer of platinum, rhodium, palladium and other precious metals in the above. Three way catalytic converter is the most important in the car cleaning device is installed in the exhaust system machine.

      Working principle of the three way catalytic converter is: automobile exhaust when the high temperature through the cleaning device, cleaning agent three way catalytic converter of CO, HC and NOx will enhance the activity of three kinds of gas, the certain oxidation - reduction reaction, in which CO under high temperature oxidation to carbon dioxide gas is colorless, non-toxic HC compound water; oxidation at high temperature (H20) and carbon dioxide; NOx reduction of nitrogen and oxygen. Three kinds of harmful gases into harmless gas, make the automobile tail gas can be purified.The three element catalytic products:scrap

       Outside the three element catalytic reactor with double stainless steel sheet into a cylinder shape. Insulating materials - asbestos fiber mat is arranged in the double-layer plate sandwich. Within the reticular clapboard is arranged in the middle of purifying agent. Purifying agent by the carrier and the catalyst composition. The carrier made of three two aluminum oxide, its shape is spherical, polygon-shaped and mesh partition. Purifying agent is actually a catalytic effect, also known as catalyst. Catalyst with metal platinum, rhodium, palladium. One of them is sprayed on the carrier, constitutes a purifying agent.


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