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r4 card Introduction
Cheats storage folder folder is gold finger, please go here to download the latest and most gold fingers, and remember to download download AKAIO goldfinger, or it will cause issues of gold finger display garbled.
The Fonts folder is the kernel of font storage folder.
The storage of Language folder is the kernel Language file folder.
Ui folder is a folder kernel skin, skin will download folder on it.
Globalsettings. Ini is the kernel in general Settings file.
Lastsave. Ini file is the final file record.
R4_sd dldi is R4 DIDL patch.

r4 card features
With the original card is the same size and same thickness.
Without flash, built-in guiding function, can guide the GBA burn card at the end of the tube.
Standard TF card support, the largest support 4 gb capacity.
Unique hardware high-speed transmission, support arbitrary speed TF card, game without slowing down.
CleanROM support, no computer software, direct copy can load faster.
Support nintendo ds game and IDS and IDS games can run on any host.
Type of archive automatically identify new games, don't need to update the database.
Supports moonshell reading, writing, homemade software, open interface.
Power saving design, automatic into the optimal mode according to different applications.
Support WiFi, DS vibration package, DS game browser.
Support online manually, automatically change the interface background and font color.

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