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     R4i SDHC and the R4 SDHC is designed for NDS series host (R4i DSi) and the development of SLOT-1 card, is the highly acclaimed R4 flashcard successor. R4i SDHC and R4 SDHC to support the SDHC specification of maximum 32GB flash memory card, in addition to game programming, but also support homebrew running function, and multimedia function, is the DS game player must perfect peripheral equipment. R4I related products

    Outstanding functions of R4I cardholders:
    1: strengthen the dual-core processing technology: strengthen before the technology above the dual-core processing deep lines, game compatibility stronger, for the old game of one hundred percent compatible, for the new game to also need not upgrade the kernel can play. Only possible to after a few new games targeted patch. Game player never to play new games waiting for update kernel.
    2: the use of high density process chip and shell mould improvement: special high density process chip, faster hardware using speed delay is lower, the game faster, put an end to the occasional crash in games, lower power consumption, longer life, better compatibility and Micro SD card, chip layout looks neat and more generous and beautiful. Shell mould improvement, cassette structure more tight and firm, and there is no projections, more exquisite workmanship.

    Individual game operation settings: QUICK-Patches game operation set is the game list of all the game. Silver is very user-friendly settings, can according to the set operation according to their own preferences of each game. The key to select games, according to Y-Y, pop up this game settings interface, the pop-up interface with Patches before similar, side of the switch is Default, the default setting is Patches, if you want to close the operation function, can put the switch to disable, and then press A to save, and then A can be determined.


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