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      3DS is a Nintendo's portable game machine, one of the biggest feature is the use of known as the new technology, users without wearing any special glasses feel naked eye 3D image three-dimensional effect. With particular emphasis on the function, the so-called naked eye 3D function representation for the game player does not need to use any other equipment can enjoy real stereoscopic 3D images. In the palm game machine using a similar to the 3D film technology, means that Nintendo will launch a new round of game.

     revolution.The same as the previous generation models, 3DS also has a double screen, touch screen, microphone, camera lens picture configuration, also have the ability to perform DS software compatible. The 3DS device has three cameras, two outside can take 3D photos, inside a. On the screen for the 3.5 inch 16:9 3D non touch screen, under the screen is a resistive touch screen with NDS. On the left side of the DS key location into a round stick, the direction key originally was placed below. On the right of the slide button a control 3D depth. The core concept of 3DS that is "carry, exchange, daily new experience." , and the slogan "3D without glasses DS".

     3DS also added analog slide pad, dynamic sensor, gyroscope, HOME buttons. Simulation of sliding pad is the new development of the analog control knob, can 360 degrees of control, cross direction than previous buttons, the use of more comfortable, easy to use. Dynamic sensor and gyro added 3DS games, the game changes increase the infinite possibility. Can let the game player back to the host interface and the suspension or the end of the game.

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